I’ve been fortunate to have worked in so many areas of broadcasting, advertising and marketing.  I’m sure that my specialized knowledge and unique skills will be a major asset to your project.

travel & hospitality

Carnival, Holland America, Norwegian Caribbean, Conrad Hotels, The Vacation Store, SKY Travel, Avalon Resorts – Morocco, Europe, Alaska, The Caribbean, Mexico and even around the world in a day. From prestigious ocean cruise liners and luxurious island resorts to the fastest jet plane, I’ve been there and done that! It’s my passion and I do it well!

new product development

When mega corporations launch a new product or rejuvenate a core brand, there are stories to be told and marketing concepts to be tested. Understanding innovative brand positioning and creative marketing strategies are key. Together with Journey9 and companies like Clorox, P&G, Chiquita , Waterpik, and others, I’ve helped deliver powerful video brand testing and commercial concepts for dozens of successful new consumer products and marketing campaigns.

direct response

It’s a simple formula: problem, solution, reason to believe, value price, drive the viewer to purchase. Repeat!  But there’s much more!  I have years of experience working with successful DR and understand the delicate blend of product presentation, compelling demonstrations, powerful consumer testimonials, branding and value positioning necessary to be successful in Direct Response marketing.