the journey…

My television career literally began on the ground floor; sweeping studio floors and pulling camera cables. Since then I’ve been on a remarkable journey; traveling around the world at a record-setting pace; helping to launch new product brands and re-branding products that are common names on store shelves everywhere; telling the stories of remarkable cruise ships and resorts: and experiencing how the lives of children in Morocco were changed forever.

I started my television production journey in 1977 with WSFA-TV (NBC affiliate) in Montgomery, AL; a great training ground where I was able to build an excellent production foundation, gaining valuable experience on many levels of the television industry.  Beginning as a studio technician / camera operator, over the next four years I was promoted to studio supervisor and then producer-director before making a career move to St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL.  In 1981 I joined the staff of WTSP-TV (ABC affiliate at that time) as their studio supervisor, managing a staff of over thirty production technicians. A year later I was again producing and directing a variety of live programs including news shows, special events and top-rated, daily morning talk shows which featured many national celebrities such as Muhammad Ali, James Brown, Connie Stevens and others. I also produced and directed many commercials and special event programs including one of the nation’s most successful MDA Telethons which received Emmy, Pat Weaver and American Advertising Federation awards. One particularly humbling experience was the opportunity to produce and direct, “The Holocaust: Hunting for the Truth,” a one hour special, featuring noted Austrian-Jewish holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, as well as other holocaust survivors and American World War II liberators.

1987 marked a significant career change for me, which eventually would literally take me around the world faster than sound. That year, I made the decision to leave broadcast television and begin free-lance producing and directing full-time, where I’ve been able to produce and direct many successful national commercials, branding campaigns, DR programs, documentaries, travel shows and corporate presentations. I began developing many longtime professional relationships with companies like Eckerd Drugs, HSN, Chase Bank, Time Warner Cable, USA Networks, The Outback Bowl, Moore, Epstein Moore Advertising, Nissen Advertising, The Tampa Bay Lightning, Nokia, Super Clubs Resorts, 1-800-TakeOff, Softub, CRC Inc., The RTC, The American Egg Board, SmartWare, Badcock Home Furnishing Centers, VDO, Rogers Cable, Cinemax, HBO, Telemundo, AMC and others.

In the early 1990’s I began working with the travel & hospitality industry, producing and directing several travel-related television series including Tourific Destinations with Linda Carter for CRC Inc., which aired on The Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel. Tourific Destinations was hosted by Linda Carter, a.k.a. “Wonder Woman,” and featured exotic destinations around the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt and The Galapagos Islands. I also develop successful TV commercial campaigns for 1-800-Takeoff, a cruise agency based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

After having working in the travel industry for a few years, on August 15, 1995 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the ultimate travel adventure of a lifetime;  flying around the world faster than ever before, on the Concorde.  Along with a crew of two cameramen, we documented and told the story of the Air France flight crew and 97 passengers who completed a record-setting flight around the world in a day. Well, it actually took 31 hours, 27 minutes, 49 seconds, setting the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest trip around the world (eastbound) in a commercial aircraft; Air France – Coors Lite Concorde, Flight 1995, Around the World in a Day. The supersonic around the world flight from JFK in New York included re-fueling stops in Toulouse France, Dubai UAE, Bangkok, Guam, Hawaii, Acapulco then returning back to JFK with a world speed record which still stands today.

The Vacation Store offered me incredible opportunities to produce and direct their highly successful branding and DR cruise programs for Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Lines as well as shows for Super Clubs Resorts in Jamaica.  With crews and cameras in tow, we boarded cruise ships for destinations throughout most of The Caribbean and Alaska telling stories of these fabulous floating resorts and their ports of call.

In the UK, I produced and directed a number of programs for the British network SKY Travel, featuring holiday destination resorts in Jamaica, The Dominican Republic as well as Carnival cruise holidays.  I also produced their week-long network imaging shoot in Jamaica.

Other travel & hospitality projects have included producing marketing assets for Conrad Hotels featuring properties throughout Europe and for Avalon Resorts in Mexico.

Recent career opportunities have been a little closer to home. Since 2005, I’ve worked extensively with Journey9 LLC, a leading branding & marketing consulting firm in Virginia Beach, VA, as their senior producer/director. We’ve produced many highly successful brand development campaigns and commercials for new consumer products, as well as re-branding for existing high-profile products. Some of the brands we’ve worked extensively with are: Clorox Bleach, Clorox2, Green Works, Clorox Wipes, Pine-Sol, Clorox New Products Division, Adam’s Polishes, Glad Press-n-Seal, Chiquita Brands, Fresh Express, Waterpik, new products for Procter & Gamble, and projects for Jaguar and Betty Crocker. We also work with charitable and non-profit organizations such as LifeNet and Operation Smile. In 2008 I was privileged to travel to Morocco with Operation Smile to document one of their missions which change the lives of children. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the world.

Recently I’ve finished projects for acquirgy of St. Petersburg, FL, a cutting edge producer of national direct response programs. In just under three months we completed four highly successful half hour DR campaigns for Hoover and Keurig. Other projects for acquirgy include DR products for Rowenta steam irons, Cold-EEZE and Icon sports products.

I’m truly fortunate to have experienced so many incredible professional opportunities and I have been blessed to have teamed with many great associates and clients. Many thanks to each of you for your support, collaboration and friendships along the years!

And the journey continues……