No two productions are ever alike.  Whether it’s a short-form branding spot, new-product concept, long-form infomercial, documentary or travel adventure, my experience working with a diverse range of projects, my years of acquired production knowledge and versatility offers you a unique set of creative, organizational and leadership skills; valuable assets to you in producing a successful production.


I’m a real stickler for organization without inhibiting the creative process. Successful productions are based on comprehensive production planning and organized execution.  I evaluate each project’s needs then design creative and operational plans to best fit the goals of the job to ensure the project’s success. Then, I implement those strategies through innovative production designs, accurate budgets and tight production schedules while maintaining open lines of communication throughout every stage of a production.  One goal… keeping the production focused and on financial and creative target!

creativity & innovation

So you have a great product or story and a terrific creative team. Ideas bounce around like popcorn in a popper. But, is the creative on target? Did someone forget that there’s a budget? Oh… and they need it when?

Every production has its challenges.  My objective is to bring creative success to every production by finding innovative ways to successfully achieve project goals through resourceful and realistic creative solutions.


Successful productions are the result of contributions from each member of the production team. I pride myself on assembling and leading the best creative team and technical crews; blending each skillset into a single, successful creative effort.